April 27, 2008


i am lucky - i currently have two husbands.....willow is staying with us and whilst kee was at work today, willow knocked up a few shelvee-platformy things for our plants in the sunniest corner of the balcony. and would you cop a look at that chili seed sprout? look at 'im go!

mary mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

how can a few pots with some things growin' in em bring so much happiness? this is the balcony garden mum helped us set up when she was over......and zac's chilli? we planted about ten seeds and two lil baby tiny sprouts are showing their faces!!!!

lerderderg gorge

on anzac day we drove 65 km north west of melbourne and did an incredibly difficult but satisfying hike around the rim of Lerderderg Gorge with some mates. amazing.....god my buns hurt!

busy, busy!

mum, sister, brother (although no non-shirtless photos to post), husband, chrysanthemums, country drives, st andrews markets, football, gardening, bickering.....love!

April 08, 2008

beautiful presents from the west coast (and further!)

the most beautiful cotton beadspread and gorgeous 'shape makers' from nina and stephen all the way from india - what an amazing wedding present guys! we snuggled in the bedspread last night and it's perfect! xox

April 07, 2008

crafty gorgeousness

we found this on our long, saturday morning op-shop walk and it's outrageously practical as well as pleasing to the eye and in mint condition! my craft shite has never been so organised and kee doesn't have to stumble through a forest of knitting needles and hama beads.


nick cave exhibition, picnic in the royal botanic gardens, birthday present shopping, tram adventures (as usual), an almost disastrous encounter with an angry junkie in david jones and making the most of the sunshine before our legs take refuge in our jeans for the winter!

spontaneous sunday spiced eggs (for two!)

saute mushrooms and onion with 1 tspn garamasala and 1/2 tspn ground cumin.
add chopped coriander, baby english spinach and wilt.
add lightly beaten eggs with a splash of milk to pan.
season with sea salt and freshly cracked pepper.
cook over medium heat until bottom done.
grate cheese over top and then put into oven under grill to finish!

serve with avocado, lemon, toast and a newspaper!

April 05, 2008

saturday, we love thee!

love those readers digest 'd.i.y.' manuals you find in op shops

beautiful west brunswick house

love those curtains

tram stop

if i had a bike like this i'd be even happier!

we walked a fair way today....up to lygon street to meet Simon for coffee at Small Block, down elgin and johnston st, browsed junk and antique stores, strolled smith street, ate yummy vietnamese rolls, bought a gorgeous wooden craft box, walked down gertrude, then trammed all the way home for an arvo nap!

unpacking boxes is nearly complete!


saw roisin murphy (front woman from moloko) live at billboard last night.......wow!