March 31, 2008

crikey! our stuff arrived!

celebratory savoury tart.

trinkets and cookbooks - oh yeah!

boxes, boxes, boxes!

March 30, 2008

obligatory ikea jaunt

after a saturday of hungover suffering, we were determined to have a productive sunday. this involved the obligatory 'just-moved-in' ikea jaunt. we stopped at Thy Thy on victoria st, richmond for a steaming bowl of pho (perfect on an overcast, slightly chilly day) and then found some gorgeous thai noodle bowls in an asian cooking supplies store and hit hell a.k.a. ikea to get some vital bits and bobs.

all-in-all a lovely day.....can't get that bowl of pho out of my mind though and plan on making it a regular part of life! it's actually fairly easy to make, you just need an arvo to get the most out of the stock that you have to make from scratch. yum!


a going away party for people whom we'd never met (although we knew these two slappers - sarah and amy)!

March 20, 2008

happy easter!

binge and be merry! we are off to the coast on a spontaneous roadtrip with some friends we made on our first weekend in melbourne - round mornington peninsula way. be back monday xox

life in melbs

overcast skies, footy on the idiot box and phoning family....typical. normal. and lovely!

first week of work has gone well. hilarious to work with a bunch of other people who love colour-coding excel spreadsheets, making lists and organising the shit out of EVERYTHING! i am officially handed-over the position on Tuesday so I'm looking forward to it.

amidst all of this, kee has been an amazing wife, errr, husband - cleaning, cooking, buying easter eggs and making sure i don't have a fashion crisis at 7:30am, instead efficiently ushering me onto a tram to work...

wednesday night

went to the fitz curry house with a fellow bed-bath-n-tabler...just near where we were staying with sarah

March 16, 2008

fi & sarah - idiots!

fitzroy public pool


a few shots of downstairs - kitchen, living room and balcony. can't wait to get some plants! (and some furniture!)


flickr couldn't keep up with my rampant downloading of photos so we swapped to this! so forget our flickr site as all of our photos from now on will be posted here. enjoy xox