June 23, 2008


it was lovely to catch up Sonny, even if only by email!

remember this, in las vegas?

(sorry! not the best photo of either of us...can you tell we've been on a road trip for a month? i think so!)

just finished

just finished reading banana yoshimoto's 'goodbye tsugumi'.

i have to say, i much prefer 'kitchen'....a little too sacharine. i think it's a result of translation.

monday night tv dinner

k has done it again! snapper fillets with a north african ginger marinade, served with kipfler gratin and greens.
(this photo doesn't do it justice!)

colours and shapes

flowers from sarah.
hot mexican chillis from markets.
turquoise bowl from brotherhood of st lawrence opshop.

hooray! chairs!

we have had a table minus chairs for about 2-3 months...

not anymore! ahh ikea, you've done it again!

breaking the drought

had a few weeks at work that made the thought of looking at a screen after hours (ie: updating blog) not so appealing.

nice to have a break every now and again.

some photos from the last couple of weeks.

tasting so great at the moment:

June 09, 2008


seeings as i'm couchbound at the moment with a head cold i've been doing more blog perusing than normal...

this is so beautiful! found at this gorgeous blog called vejacecilia.

i think these colours would be beautiful together in a blanket.

June 08, 2008


I just finished the book on the left and K has 100 pages to go of the book on the right.

left: Burning In, Mereille Juchau (young australian writer)
right: The Glass Bead Game, Herman Hesse (no need to introduce!)

K has the ability to read anything and has stuck this out for about 6 months. a very dense read. I am less picky but essentially need a story that appeals to me that is at the same time emotive and mildly challenging.

sunday walk

met a cat called Tommy for loads of smootches, had a cheeky coffee with Willow, bought some rhubarb and enjoyed a generous serve of winter sunshine!

had an arvo nap and woke up with a head full of snot....

June 07, 2008

sweet long weekend, here we come...

after a brutal week, saturday arrives full of promise.

beautiful tulips down at riverland cafe where we had our end of week meeting yesterday

June 04, 2008

this time last year.....

i was on a road trip down the west coast of u.s.a.......crazy that a year has passed!

and right now? enjoying mid-week lime tart baking and looking after K who has a head full of snot.

June 02, 2008


no picture.
grumpy & feeling sorry for myself.
made a curry pie when i got home which made my sinuses flow freely and now i feel slightly better.
i have somehow found myself living with three boys. only one is mine.
small, two bedroom, one bathroom apartment does not suit 4 people.
three sometimes, but definitely not four!

June 01, 2008

same but different

k & i share a camera and when i download photos i sometimes discover we have unknowingly taken pictures of the same thing. i like that.

first day of winter

is it a universal thing? putting bread clasps in the teaspoon compartment of the cutlery drawer? maybe it's just a my family thing but i don't think so....

first day of winter spent doing more tidying and sorting (nearly all boxes gone!), walking again, coffee with Simon, i lost my camera (and then found it again at the cafe!), making hama bead brooches for mel and planting some rocket that i gleaned from a kurb-side vege garden (haha, i am my omama's grand-daughter!)

mum - thats the geranium you pinched off for me on one of our walks! flowering it's little heart out. i never remember to plant it and have been enjoying it on the kitchen window in a new little glass jug i bought in a canberra opshop.

p.s. the wooden bench i photographed is our newest furniture addition! we scavenged this beautiful piece of wood and Willow surprised us by knocking it up on friday before he flew to canberra for the weekend. exactly what we wanted! thankyou!