September 28, 2009


spring was here.............(in my garden, at least!)

but now it's like winter is back again!

busy at work and planning on a quiet week...kee is rockclimbing in the grampians this week so lots of knitting, dvd's and some fringe festival shows are keeping me occupied in a very agreeable way!

hope your monday wasn't so bad....

September 21, 2009

weekend was great. kee was definitely surprised!

venus bay is truly beautiful. ate loads of food. home brew was just right and the woodfire was the perfect thing for stormy skies.

we'll be back there soon - for sure!

September 17, 2009


heading to the beach this surprise kee for his birthday!

the forecast is for low to mid 20's and this will be the last chance before the festival to have, albeit teensy, a little break

have a good one!

image found via it followed me home

p.s. you know that beautiful doily i posted about some weeks back? my older sister who lives up north in w.a. saw it and remembered it from her childhood. i knew it was from her nan but she told me that it was actually her mum's mum (her other nan!) who made it. my sister's mum died when she was young. so this is actually somewhat of a family heirloom. so i'm so, so, so, happy to be sending it back to her. this is why i love craft. seeing this doily bought a flood of emotions back for my sister. craft can be so important to family history!

September 13, 2009


moroccan feast and gardening were highlights of this weekend!

(weekends are so much more productive when you don't have a hangover)

September 12, 2009

poppy & will

how exciting! my lil sis and her boyf are building a house from the ground up!

i convinced her to start a blog - haha!

she is scouring design blogs left right and centre...all suggestions welcome...

poppy & will

September 10, 2009


planted these bulbs the day of laura's funeral (may 13, 2009)
and here they are after a spring shower..........

weather forecast to be mid 20's this weekend - first time in a long time! looking forward to it.

opshopping / dinner party / gardening / pootling around..........

this week has been hard

September 07, 2009

work work work......and fun too!

okay so my work is seasonal. october is the pinnacle of a year's worth of work so as you can imagine things have been hectic.

postings will be few and far between for anyone who cares!

this weekend was relaxing to compensate for work chaos. pootling around in our new car, perusing nurseries, watching footy, baking and finishing off a shawl out of beautiful alpaca yarn for my omama's birthday coming up this weekend