September 17, 2009


heading to the beach this surprise kee for his birthday!

the forecast is for low to mid 20's and this will be the last chance before the festival to have, albeit teensy, a little break

have a good one!

image found via it followed me home

p.s. you know that beautiful doily i posted about some weeks back? my older sister who lives up north in w.a. saw it and remembered it from her childhood. i knew it was from her nan but she told me that it was actually her mum's mum (her other nan!) who made it. my sister's mum died when she was young. so this is actually somewhat of a family heirloom. so i'm so, so, so, happy to be sending it back to her. this is why i love craft. seeing this doily bought a flood of emotions back for my sister. craft can be so important to family history!

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Stephen said...

thats so sweet! I remember that doily just because you used to have it, it bought back memories for me too. xx nina