October 07, 2008

taking a break! (well not really)

well the festival is upon us! so i won't be doing much blog-wise as i'll be working 7 days a week for the next 3 weeks. exciting! scary! a rite of passage! *eeep*

to check out all the action have a look!

melbourne international arts festival

lets hope i come out the other end alive!


what a lovely, relaxing birthday! too lazy and spoilt to take too many photos. received many birthday wishes and gifts from near and afar! jewellery (see the teeny tiny gorgeous earrings k bought me above as just an example!), brooches, bangles, spokey dokes, a kaffir lime tree, a bike, books, mini mola cashola and loads of love! roasted up a leg of lamb, a fish, made some pasta and enjoyed the sunshine. thankyou! xxx

p.s. and oh yeah! how could i forget! i preserved my first jar of lemons!

agonisingly beautiful

found these little gems of inspiration in a book i borrowed from the library about women, bauhaus textile weavers and designers. makes my heart skip a beat. inspiration for my crochet blanket....

spring flowers

been loving strolling and soaking up all the colour!