November 30, 2008


love these colours, shapes, lines, everything! oh yeah! potholders never looked so good. from a really great new blog i found mieke willems.

they seem to like a lot of the same stuff as me! take a look!


1st of december tomorrow - how did that come around so quickly? have to get a christmas card out to shaunn and jelena (friends from canada) tomorrow or there is no chance!

had an early morning craft attack and made a kitschy decoration for our 60's sideboard cupboard and then thought shaunn and jelena would appreciate it's silliness.

spent the rest of the day continuing on with making my rug, doing a bit of gardening and enjoying sneek peeks of sunshine. weather still seems to be dominated by dramatic skies, showers and weather no higher than 25. i love this kind of weather but it makes me scared - does it just mean we're going to be sweating our balls off in march?

a few things

ian was visiting from perth last weekend - this is his shirt he left. so silly. so ian.

my acid yellow 'mum's - awesome!

when ian visited he promised to make me his carbonara. so kee made a big batch of pasta.

kee took this photo - last weekend's breakfast. beautiful bright, orange yolks. yum!

November 18, 2008


just watching a doco on mexico. reminds me of when we were there. really have travel on the mind. had a dream last night we moved to montreal but forgot our coats! india. japan. new york city. berlin.

we wish...


had the best weekend with lici - it had everything! art gallerying, pj time, yum cha, drinks, cooking, relaxo, crafting, talking shit, laughing, reading children's books in bookshops.

convinced her to make preserved lemons and harissa for her family for christmas presents so we made cute little tags for the jars. we thought we were pretty crafty anyway! now get preserving lici!


we went to rum town.

had a few 'dark and stormies' - thanks lici!

strange weather

i'm loving spring in melbourne. best of all worlds. heard a junkie say on the tram the other day "if you don't like the weather in melbourne, just wait ten minutes". so true! everything from 35 degrees, to 17, rain, thunderstorms, clear blue skies and ominous clouds. i love it!

beautiful silvery, bronze skies.

things to make and do!

making some christmas decorations...

old maps

nan and harry gave us a bag of maps and tourist brochures - some were gorgeously illustrated and dated back to 1955!

dirty hands

the old cactus that nanny ward gave us, errupted in beatiful fuschia flowers. planted strawberries, cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, spearmint, peppermint and generally gave all the plants some tlc. the chryssies are threatening to burst into acid yellow goodness!

back again!

yes - i did survive the festival. awesome.

and now life has returned to normal, and mum is nagging me for new pictures, i have finally gotten around to posting again.

this is just a little of what i've been doing for the last 3 weeks since the festival.

friends visiting (as always). cooking. sleeping. relaxing. gardening. country drives. being normal. NOT DRINKING! watching bad tv. reading the paper. shopping. crocheting. enjoying weather (all sorts). listening to conversations on trams. riding, riding, riding. looking forward to christmas. getting used to working in an empty office!