May 31, 2009

late autumn

love these late autumn days. crisp, wet air and sunshine. oh, and the best kind of green ever.

op shop gold!

discovered a new warehouse op-shop over the tram bridge, down the road from our house

most success i've had in the clothing department for a while - take that! expensive country road knits that i can't afford......

(i'm also regretting not buying this oatmeal pure wool, button up vest.....)

May 30, 2009

gotta get into this........

beautiful crochet jewellery from (sc)

this & this

May 28, 2009


some beautiful knitting out there.....

springerin on ravelry

if only i could knit like this!

(one day)

thursday night

came home (kee at work) and found this record on the table....rushed to take a picture of it cause it's so great, turned the camera on, and what a surprise! he's already taken the photo.

now munching on banana bread made last night in a flurry of domestic fervour that hit us both ....been seing so many lovely things on blogs lately - so much inspiration out there!

looking forward to the weekend.....

May 24, 2009


trip to ikea (hooray for $29 quilt cover)
plenty of organising and tidying
garage sale perusing
market shopping
cooking: whole baked snapper with stephanie alexander's north african ginger marinade recipe and a lemon tart
camberwell markets: 2 x chrysanthemums and a yellow plaid capelet all for $12!

May 17, 2009


(deliciously warm slipper socks and my italian merino wool kerchief)

getting a few projects in for myself before whapping out requests for others (if only knitting went as speedily as the word 'whapping' implies......alas......)

May 16, 2009

inverloch and bass coast

felt the need to feel the sand between our toes.....winter skies didn't deter us!

darwin escape

escaped the onset of melbourne's weather with a quick 4 day trip to darwin. first time visit for me. amazed at how fierce and beautiful the environment is and how, with a 15 minute ride in a tinny you can feel a million miles away amongst the mangroves.

have to say though - we both welcomed the crisp late night air of melbourne when we returned....

(it's always good to get home no matter how great being away is).

on the subject of flowers.....

darwin -
botanical gardens, wogait beach

couldn't help myself - my deda (grandfather) would be proud of me taking photos of all these flowers.....

and my nan, nonna and omama would have goo'd and gaa'd at these beauties!

(having had most of my gardening experience in grey-sky-ed melbourne i can only imagine having that much sunshine to play with).

solomn arrival

a blossom from a cannon ball tree, darwin botanical gardens

i had intended on making a grand re-entrance into blogland (for the keenly awaiting mum and nina)....

can't add anything of what i've been doing before saying goodbye to our cousin Laura who passed away on Wednesday 13th May 2009.

Rest In Peace.