February 22, 2009


cannot do links at the moment.

find at water and wool, knitty coutoure and yokoo's etsy store.

will remedy later...

February 18, 2009

bread ties

i've said it before and i'll say it again.

i love bread ties.

garden / home made food = happiness

a few things

February 17, 2009


love to 189 people lost in the bushfires.
love to everyone who is yet to be found.
love to my close friend who has miscarried for the fourth time.
love to uncle mark who died today from cancer.


February 08, 2009

sombre sunday

35 people perished in bushfires.

taking time to enjoy the small things...

went to market and bought beautifully fresh fruit and veg.

rang an old friend.

doing crazy, fucked up small crochet with 1mm hook and thread (which i told myself i'd never do cause i couldn't!) (and i also broke my other rule - crafting useless things....OOPS!)

organising, archiving and backing up photos.

fires always make me think of photos. and saving them.

February 03, 2009


hopefully this is still for sale by next pay day!

February 02, 2009

afghan (decisions, decisions)

okay, so it was 2007/08 new years that had me so set upon crocheting an afghan that it was my new year's resolution to learn how!

so what if it's 2009?

it's coming together....slowly.

(amidst many bouts of 'colour panic' which pains kee to no end)

small treats

finally! our mattress is no longer on the floor. we now have a futon base!

small things collected from week away camping.

special parcel in the mail from my sister! (she has great music taste to boot!)

cherry tomatoes from our balcony garden.

hot in the city....

melbourne town reach maximums of 45 this past week....

only thing to do was to get silly!

(late night bbq's, a too-short visit from deb and a wierdly themed party)

February 01, 2009

leonard cohen

had the absolute pleasure of seeing leonard cohen live in concert out in the yarra valley.

after being crushed by bob dylans less than lively performance last year i was completely stunned by cohen's presence on stage and impeccable performance!

i feel lucky to have witnessed this!


had the most beautiful week camping and celebrating our first wedding anniversary!

mallacoota. genoa peak. cape conran. eden....

too good for words and just what the doctor needed!