July 30, 2009

exhausted but happy

flaming lips live @ festival hall

(those who have seen them before will know this needs no explanation!)

July 28, 2009


more things to distract you from my blogging hiatus!

how amazing are these? hurry up and become a qualified electrician, K, so you can make me these!

found at my black book

busy me!

now we're hunkering down into the melbourne international film festival.....13 films in 2 weeks!
in the meantime.....look here! photos from hana konola found via little glowing lights

July 24, 2009

another unexpected break

some beautiful artwork to make up for my lack of blogging diligence!

July 19, 2009

mum flies away today

mum goes home after a great visit. loads of op-shopping, gardening, walking, eating, football watching and gallery visiting (craft vic & dali)

we return home to perth for first time in 2 years over christmas so till then mama!

(beautiful r.m.williams boots which i bought at camberwell market this morning)

domestic craft

bags, bags, bags!

what to do? crochet a bag holder thingameejig for the laundry

(using ropey wool stuff found at a trash'n'treasure)


helping those winter blues....

July 16, 2009

a few days off

::tulips are so cheap and beautiful at the moment::

::my first ever attempt at knitting a beret::

::spent the morning with mum in the front garden (can't wait for spring now!)::

catch up

been too busy with ma in town to post anything\\

//here are a few catch up photos in the meantime

July 11, 2009

mama in town

my mum is visiting all the way from perth! and for the first time in my life EVER i am having some 'just mum' time. that means - heaps of long walks, chattering about babies, garden talk, op-shopping AND scavenging.

yes scavenging! i'm proud to say that i'm a country girl and our family could never resist a good road-side pick-up or a trip to the tip. you just wait till you see the lamp my mum and i scavenged from the side of the railway yesterday! k just laughed and wandered off to save himself the embarassment......

(oh and happy birthday to my big brother - 29! he's currently living in madrid, spain and is off to the coast of africa for his birthday. i love you and miss you!)

July 09, 2009

pretty bloody lovely!

found at ungtblod via mieke willems
oh to have patience to make this!

July 06, 2009


sweet things greeted me in my letterbox this evening! i'll await natural light on the weekend to take some photos - thankyou catherine!

July 05, 2009


kee's grandparents gave us their beautiful miniature deco piano

lots of lovely scratches, wear and tear which shows how much the piano has been used and moved around with the family

some of nanny's embroidery on the piano seat

our first family heirloom - how lucky we feel!

July 04, 2009

kitchen bench

been meaning to photograph the kitchen bench we bought to increase the amount of workable surface (our kitchen is small and we make lots of mess when cooking!)

here tis! big drawers. room for scales and heavy kitchen stuff as well as all our baking ingredients and equipment.

saturday morning

haircut & opshopping

//plates and tablecloth for a picnic set i'm trying to put together

\\frames which will hopefully be placed all together above the piano

tonight: drinks at the union and a house party

do you have?

do you have a plate or something to hold your jewellery in the bathroom?

i have masses of jewellery and always have something beside my bed and/or bathroom sink to put the jewellery d'jour and then have boxes and containers elsewhere that contain the bulk of it all!

these are my most worn pieces as of late.

what are yours?

July 02, 2009