May 09, 2010

new blog!

it's been so long i'm not sure anyone will even come on over to my new spot!

but here i am.....................this old blog got a bit stuffy!


so come on over!

December 08, 2009

summer holidays

our internet has been disconnected and we depart in a week's time! much to do in anticipation of a house sitting friend and also trying to enjoy the last few days of a visit with some dearly loved friends and their baby.....

merry christmas and a happy new year. we'll be back on 12th jan....
you'll find us at north cott beach, under the old 70's beach umbrella with a six pack buried in the sand.

much love, k&f

(christmas tree dec's via dottie angel)

November 26, 2009

december upon us!

no idea where i got this image from sorry! but i remember liking it last year..........this year there is no need for a chrissy tree of any sort at our place as we are headed west! it will be our first visit since moving away two years ago. looking forward to six packs on the beach, old friendly faces and familiy!
internet and computer ver temperamental at the moment and i'm rather enjoying the break.....
i'm still checking in on you all out there though!

November 20, 2009

pom pom love

have no idea how i found this......but i love it!

big computer issues so not much from me as of late!

November 13, 2009

last night

there once were two girls. one from adelaide. one from perth. a primitive chat program on the internet called mIRC meant a chance meeting of the two girls. in typical tragic teenage style they ditched the internet for long letters and mixed tapes. tori. pj harvey. hole. veruca salt. one girl's parents took a chance and flew her to stay with the other girls family. 10 years on and they had only been in each other's actual company 5 times. but the letters kept on and on and on. 12 years on and they both live in the same city. Last night as they both sat and let the amazing music of tori amos wash over them they realised that she had literally been the soundtrack to their friendship for all these years.....
here's to 12 more years (and more and more!) of friendship Sars. thankyou for a beautiful birthday present. i love you!
tori amos, live, at the regent theatre

November 12, 2009

fabric pens

mer mag has been doing some amazing doodling withs ome fabric pens.

i want!

November 10, 2009


kee and i are fond of leafing through vintage knitting/crochet patterns in op shops and absolutely losing it with laughter over how ridiculous some of them are.....
handmade by mother is a hilarious ode to all things stupid in the world of vintage craft