September 27, 2008


as the festival is fast approaching, i'm trying to take the time to enjoy some peace and quiet. well, more to just enjoy the feeling of a bit of serenity before 3 weeks of chaos begins!

making pasta from scratch. love spring flowers. bbq. more flowers. enjoying random fringe festival public art (see knitted ashtray). sunshine....

naomi comes to stay with us for a month as of this wednesday - can't wait for some female companionship!

happy birthday darlin!

k's birthday - he was spoilt with gifts from near and far! bbq, pasta machine, dollars and more. we celebrated by spending the morning hunting for records in op shops in far off suburbs. had a relaxing arvo. went for dinner at the commoner in fitzroy *yum* and had drinks at the standard and brunswick green. lovely. very funny though - only two photos from this day (too busy having fun and spoiling to stop and take photos)

September 15, 2008

best weekend...

what a weekend. pure bliss. 25 degrees. food shopping at the markets. riding bikes. being hungover. cooking heaps of food. dinner party with a visit from the po'. long walk. found a perfect vintage wooden stool at the op shop which i bought for 75 cents (will photograph soon!). golden hands craft book. bbq. talking trash. alternating beer with cups of tea. pork and fennel sausages. late night bike riding. see those yellow chryssies? found them in a big wheely bin out the back of a florist - they were perfect! i'm defnitely visiting that bin again!

September 06, 2008

saturday morning

oh it's the best. especially after such a stressy week!

it's spring...i feel a spring clean coming on.

is it too early to plant seeds? i have some poppies i wanna get going!


wool i found at opshop.

kee's beard that i've been growing - unfortunately kee isn't too happy, what with spring and everything about having a giant beard. but it's the longest it's ever been! goodbye beard!

light coats and open toe shoes - come on spring!