August 31, 2008


what a lovely day was saturday! kee decided to look up any op shops in our vicinity that we hadn't been to yet - so we set off in the morning (oh blessed 18 degrees!) and explored. Found great records (K's object of lust), beautiful vintage kniting patterns, some great furniture (which we were undecided upon) and some great wool. We had lunch at Mule and then trudged home exhausted. It was so lovely to just do what we felt without having any plans. We also stopped at this amazing lebanese bakery and ate the most amazingly fresh and beautiful herbed pita bread. oh yeah!

we spent the afternoon watching season 5 of the wire (oh yeah!) and kee made an amazingly beautiful vege lasagne and we drank it with a sparkling rose - delightful.

(can you see the sneak peek of my crochet blanket i've been working on!)


thursday night some girls from work and i visited the nicholas building in the middle of the city - 9 floors of indie artists - jewellers, fashion designers, artists - who all have their studios there. It was open as part of Craft Victoria's "A Month of Making" and it was amazing! Met some great jewellers and grabbed a stack of cards in anticipation of being able to order some earrings. It was a great night, everyone walking down the stairs of this old building with wine in hand. I met a guy who is basically best friends with all of my best friends and happens to work on the 7th floor of my building! crazy!

friday i then attended Craft Victoria's "Design/Craft as a Career" seminar (which two girls from work also happened to be going to) and it was excellent! not only was it 19 degrees (sun shining and no need for wool jacket) but it was just a lovely, inspiring day. Some very amazing artists and craft practicioners out there! We spent out lunch break cruising Gertrude st and i scored these gorgeous little earrings from Little Salon.

catch up

been a little slack with blogging lately - but only as we've been quite busy! work is crazy - 4 weeks away from the festival now. things are certainly heating up.

last saturday night we went to Rus and Lauren's place for dinner (a couple i work with) and it was so lovely. So lovely that they made the time to invite us over - i know they are crazy busy - and it was so relaxing and great! It's such a shame that they are moving to New York after the festival. The view from their apartment is gorgeous (cherry blossoms, the ocean and beautiful sunshine).

August 24, 2008

happy 80th bomber!

my pop is turning 80 next week and back home, the family threw him a party to celebrate. sorry we couldn't be there but we wish you many more happy birthdays pop

art deco

we took kee's grandparents to see the art deco exhibition at the ngv - lovely way to spend an arvo! very inspiring and definitely worth a squiz if you get the chance.

August 14, 2008

recent purchases


whilst i love the olympics - don't get me wrong - i do NOT love all the 'aussie-centric' commentary. it's driving me wild, not to mention that channel 7's coverage is horrific. Today I heard that there are a group of supporters in Beijing called 'The POO's' - Parents of Olympians....give me a break. And if i hear one more double entendre about (Stephanie) Rice being popular in China....

too many movies...

#7 - Diary of the Dead
#8 - Ballast
#9 - My Winnipeg (my equal fave with Blind Loves and In My Father's Country)
#10 - Barry Mackenzie Holds His Own
#11 - Ashes of Time Redux

Wow - inspiring but exhausting. I have now consequently been struck down with a gnarly cold. i am full of fever, snot and flu aches. Managed to get the whole week through work so far but just had to go home this arvo cause I was incapable of holding a conversation...

August 07, 2008

film #6

fata morgana

a werner herzog film that seemed to be (although can anyone ever be sure with a herzog film) about creation. amazing soundtrack with everything from opera to leonard cohen. little dialogue and mainly continual panning shots of landscape set to said music. visual meditation. highly recommended!

film #5

kate bush: under review

what a shame! this was a horrible documentary with the most useless interview with british twodgy men who claimed to know all about kate bush. narration from hell. dry as biscuits and we would have walked out if it weren't luckily filled with awesome clips of kate bush's songs. it was a sold out session and recommended by MIFF - umm, maaa! it was shocking but thoroughly enjoyable as the whole audience was in fits of laughter over the moronic narration.

film #4

blind loves

a gorgeous slovakian documentary that gave snippets of a handful of people who lived their lives with little to no eyesight with love and wanting to be loved as the universal theme. my equal favourite so far!

August 04, 2008

film #3

in my father's country

a beautiful, no frills documentary about initiation of the Law of Men in a community in north west Arnhem land. no narration. just beautifully poignant moments about a community striving to acknowledge ancient traditions amongst the sometimes pointless bureaucracy of the past government. not trite or too ernest, nor any tinge of condescending romanticism. beautiful contrasts between ancient and modern life. i hope this movie gains general release. highlight so far!

August 03, 2008

sunday - food shopping and op shopping

(and a cheeky breakfast of baked egg's at Ray's)

lisa's birthday

getting lost, walking through some back streets, cute pub. met there at 1pm...didn't leave till 11pm.

film #2

padre nuestro

a film about two young men who migrate to new york city and have a pretty bloody hard time. a tad slow-moving but interesting nontheless.

August 02, 2008

film #1

the wild horse redemption

documentary about inmates in northen america rehabilitating through training wild mustangs. it was well shot and quite funny and poignant at times but hell, why do north americans (it was set in america, filmed by canadians) have to do things with such a song and dance? horrific soundtrack. ultimately, i prefer a much more bare-bones attitude to documentary making...