July 30, 2008


what a weekend! early nights. hard days at work. simple dinners. melbourne international film festival (MIFF) has begun and we are armed with our trusty mini passes and over the next week and a half will indulge in 13 films from near and far!


kee. fi. willow. lici. hilary. naomi. borg. ian (surprise!). luke. simon. colin. sarah. bree. brad. some other really nice guy. markets. sister bellas. losing keys. shopping. smallgoods. coffee. rain. cheese. weird poodles. crochet flaps. vertical smile. dancefloor antics. bunny loses innocence. man love. lady love. electric blue sequined cocktail dress. talking shit. saganaki. 5kg bacon. tv. hot chips. little creatures dining hall. duck banquet (3 peking ducks) at old kingdom. ping pong at panama. damn good weekend. let's do it again...

then a busy week

preparing for friends coming, food shopping at markets (and breakfasting) and saying goodbye to our friend Caroline who is embarking on a road trip of western australia before returning home to paris. busy. fun. exhausting and satisfying days of work and play.

so busy at work!

we launched the 2008 melbourne international festival program and it seems to have been very well received locally, nationally and internationally. so great to be a part of this! click on the link (not on the pic) to see the program - enjoy!

July 11, 2008

longing for a bit of nature

again, as a result of being couch-bound i'm feeling the need to get out there and do another hike. and soon. thinking of kinglake national park - not far from melbourne. looking through our travel photos it's crazy thinking how many amazing hikes we went on. feel very lucky and look forward to many more.

this photo is a beautiful photo kee took of me (beautiful because of the light - not of me!) when we were in Crooked Tree Village in Belize. Hot days/nights and mindblowing flora and fauna...makes me smile!

can't wait to go camping regularly throughout summer!

this one is for you mama!

been flicking through a fair few photos since being couch-bound. this one was taken just after we returned home from our travels...

still sick

still sick but feeling on the up. enjoying the morning sunshine (despite the cold) and am happy to actually see my potplants do get some good sun. must get onto planting some leafy greens.

took advantage of the sunshine and decided to wash the sheets. hung them up over our dining chairs and had a thought to myself "damn! that would made a bloody good cubby house!"

little beauties!

my ebay virginity has been lost!

i bid and won for the large silver owl brooch on the right (it's as big as my palm!) and the lady sent me this gorgeous gold owl pendant as a surprise!

i don't know which one i love more!!!

definitely a highlight in my sofa-quarantined week.


been off since tuesday with the dreaded lurgie...i got me some bright yellow pills though! should be on the mend...meanwhile, being doing a lot of laying on the couch and crocheting. daytime tv really sucks!

looking forward to next week at work though as it's festival launch time! v. exciting!

July 06, 2008


a photo of my immediate blood family is a rare thing...

i love this photo. in omama's backyard that is no longer her backyard as of a couple of months ago. i feel a bit guilty holding this photo with such reverance because in a way it excludes the majority of my life which includes my gorgeous sister (half sister if you want to be technical) and my step-dad whom i love a LOT!

oh yeah, how could i forget?!

wednesday night we went to the empress so see megan washington play. what can i say - so amazing! what a brilliant songwriter. unfortunately she doesn't release her cd until september. both kee and i have had two of her songs stuck in our head since then.

visit her myspace now and give it a listen! (click on her name above and you shall be magically transported there!)

"You are restless, very young.
Got a message from your mother,
said to tell you she'll be coming round the mountain when she comes.
Oh my darling, Clementine.
Turn the water into holy water.
Oh my darling, Clementine.
Turn the water into a little bit more time"

gloomy sunday evening

that dreaded 'sunday evening' feeling knowing you have to make your way home and there are only a few precious weekend hours left. even worse when it's so gloomy and starting to rain. the wind has been truly chilly lately. there were tram problems too - everything from an ambulance parked over the tracks to someone doing DEATHLY farts...good to be home and in the pj's.

(my favourite photo of today is Singh's Takeaway - a source of warmth and comfort against the grey, forboding skies)


another long walk all the way to the boy's house in north fitzroy - a day of smelling sunday comfort food in the air - emanating from houses along the way.

w, s & l had us over for a lovely lunch - pumpkin soup with olive bread, potato, pumpkin & fetta frittata, homemade lemonade and then oreo cheesecake for dessert! yum!

July 05, 2008

love is here where i live

beautiful morning... now k is off to play basketball at carlton gardens and i'm learning to crochet mittens.

(these are my two fave photos from this morning) xxx

saturday morning no.1

kee found a portrait of his alter-ego Pascale Mantovini the Third at the opshop.

breakfast at home (poached eggs, spinach and bacon on sourdough!) and a walk in splendid sunshine.

July 04, 2008

so great

kee's nan gave us this souvenir plate from canada - not only does it have a coat of arms for each province, but a golden beaver on a log!

this week

kee made some gorgeous, mammoth cupcakes on wednesday. he described them as cupcakes that would put an ass on an anorexic.

sad times - had to turf some favourite things. both pairs of my (ori)gami (py)jami's ripped in consecutive weeks and it's more than time to bin my beautiful leather indian slippers.

last weekend...

had my hair cut by a lovely lady on sydney road - her salon 'rommelik' comes highly recommended by me! she leant me bic runga cd's (one of my faves) and i thought it was so sweet of her that i made cranes to tuck into the cover for her as a thankyou.

crocheting my first hexagon.

finally we drank the bottle of champagne we've been meaning to drink since christmas. too many emotions to mention. quite fine along plates of bits and bobs (our fave meal!)