January 16, 2009

gone camping

we're outta here....

off to mallacoota to explore the croajingolong national park.

then to cathedral national park to hike the sugarloaf peak.

and all ending with seeing leonard cohen out in the yarra valley.

scrabble and beer by the tent - here we come!!!


January 10, 2009


slept in. breakfast in bed. read heaps. slept again. crocheted. arvo nap. house to ourselves. kee made vietnamese cari chay from scratch.

still in our pyjamas whilst drinking g&t's and watching iron chef.


a day in the garden

when mum, pip and andy were over i decided to give the 'garden' a long overdue tidy up!
finally bought a cover for the webber, made a 'shed' (more a little divider) to keep lucerne, fertiliser and potting mix behind and basically just gave my plants a whole lot of tlc.

also finally got around to planting some of the cuttings Nanny Ward gave us - hoya, various succulents, angel wings, begonias...

our wild alpine strawberries are producing enough for a handful of strawberries each morning and our tomatoes keep getting fatter and fatter!

and our emperor's hat chilli's are coming along really well!

i'm very proud of my vegetable babies...the balcony garden is solely my domain!

domestic bliss

we made homemade plum jam from the heaving plum tree in the vacant block next to our apartment.

had friends over on wednesday night and couldn't help but bake scones and serve them with the jam and fresh cream! a tad unorthodox for a weeknight dessert but they certainly were a hit!

what flower is that?

hey mum and pip! found out what these are! artichokes!

thanks to Stirling Macoboy's 'What Flower Is That?' (best $8 at a flea market i ever spent!)

(photographed at CERES - sustainable community garden in brunswick)

catch up

some pictures - before and after christmas.

day trips (daylesford and healesville). arvo naps. craft. making pizza from scratch and cooking them in the webber on the balcony. gardening. drinking. too many lollies!

January 08, 2009

colourful new year inspiration

helene magnusson's icelandic knitting which i previously posted about.

this rug. coloured gorgeousness! found via storkbitesman.

jocomomola found via lost at e minor. more coloured goodness!

much food for thought!

January 07, 2009

opposite of shack

or is it? this pre-fab number really toots both our flutes! what a dream....

found via the reference library

(what is it about the human condition that makes us desire four walls of our own?)


happened upon a documentary on the ABC called Shacks which looks at the traditions and philosophies behind australian shacks. really captured kee and i's attention. i would really like to try living rurally for a year - even if at the end i know it wasn't something we would do long term.

pictures found here and here.


well - merry christmas and a happy new year! it came and went spectacularly fast with all expected amounts of merriment, drama and way too much food.

the best part about the ass end of december and the fresh fronds of january 2009? my sister. and spending as much time as i can with her...

as for 2009? i'm 1 part scared, 2 part excited. we shall see!

much love

x o x