October 30, 2009

goin' to the river

well festival is over.....and spring is on it's way. this is an old photo from my old blog and this is when i used to live 5 minutes away from the beach in perth. life is definitely different in melbourne when it gets hot - you have to jump in the car/tram/train to get to a beach!

we are lucky enough to have 4 days off in a row (i have 5) and we've decided to pack up the car and head north to Big River.

so today i'm attempting to do a few things around the house (nothing better than coming home to a relatively clean house) and starting a mouse pile of a few things we'll take with us. hoping to spot some wildflowers. again - different to western australian country, victorian country does not have anywhere near as many wildflowers.

so to all melbournites - enjoy your tuesday public holiday!


October 20, 2009

first day

celebrated kee's first day of his apprenticeship with homemade dahl, garden salad, nan's chutney and some of our wedding champagne 'grandin'

and this arrived in the mail! kee's nan has cross stitched us a memoir of our wedding day. so, so, so, so, lovely and sweet

October 19, 2009


keegan is officially an electrician's apprentice!
off he strutted this morning with lunch in cooler bag..........

found these beautiful pieces by Laura Manoogian via Bird and Banner - so inspirational!

October 18, 2009


a day off at last!

enjoying spring and fresh salad greens every day from the garden.

went with birthday money from mum to buy a lovely galvanised steel watering can, white oil for the kaffir lime tree, radish and dill seeds, teeny tiny creeping seaside daisies, potting mix, a new pot for my jellybean succulent and some more cos seedlings!

thanks mum!

(and kee is off to an interview for a potential apprenticeship.....fingers crossed!!!!)

October 17, 2009

cutie patootie

couldn't help but post about GERA
(found via superbuzzy)
makes me wanna get my cross stitch on!!!
(also, found some great cross stitch books in op shops lately - as well as nan giving me some)

last night

saw fischerspooner last night as part of the festival....
the jury is out......couldn't decide if i liked it but then i like the fact that i'm unsure - makes me like it all the more!
gosh - tired and at work for the 14th day in a row (thats why the previous sentence probably makes no sense at all!)
all i know is that i'm so happy to work with all the people that i do. i love them dearly

October 15, 2009

michael o'connell

michael o'connell is an amazing australian textile designer and apparently a comprehensive retrospective of his work will occur in 2011 at the Bendigo Art Gallery

arielle de pinto

crochet metal jewellery by arielle de pinto
so incredible it makes my heart burst......

October 14, 2009

frankie magazine photo album

this book of gorgeousness arrived in the mail today! a birthday present from my lil sis....
thankyou pip! it's soooooooooo beautiful!

October 12, 2009


love these blocks from the small object

October 10, 2009

opening night

opening night was BIG!

this looks like my image of heaven! found at bird and banner

October 08, 2009


the festival i work on is about to begin........

won't end until 24 oct!

here i go!

(look at my chryssie nina!)

October 07, 2009


three birthdays of late.

kee //\\ ninny //\\ me

some of my spoils!


kee spent the week bouldering in the grampians. how sweet - he took photos of all the wildflowers he saw - just for me.....

October 01, 2009


how are these for terrariums, nina?

found here via a lovely blog by jeana sohn