October 30, 2009

goin' to the river

well festival is over.....and spring is on it's way. this is an old photo from my old blog and this is when i used to live 5 minutes away from the beach in perth. life is definitely different in melbourne when it gets hot - you have to jump in the car/tram/train to get to a beach!

we are lucky enough to have 4 days off in a row (i have 5) and we've decided to pack up the car and head north to Big River.

so today i'm attempting to do a few things around the house (nothing better than coming home to a relatively clean house) and starting a mouse pile of a few things we'll take with us. hoping to spot some wildflowers. again - different to western australian country, victorian country does not have anywhere near as many wildflowers.

so to all melbournites - enjoy your tuesday public holiday!


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