June 27, 2009

i like having dirty hands

nan & harry gave us HEAPS of plant cuttings so today garden beds were cleared and in they went. also planted my chrystanthemum's in the ground (which i've never done before!)

found rocket in there amongst the weeds!

lets hope all the cuttings take...
(and thanks to the gardening fairy who helped me!)

garden love

my work have a big warehouse space out in kensington and there are heaps of other people who also use the warehouse space - some people even live there. a furniture company are at the entrance and they have created this gorgeous little garden......bordering on my dream garden!

June 24, 2009

really lovely

new blog found.........at swim-two-birds

crochet /\ textiles /\ flowers
very inspiring!

lino print love

hey nina!
some lino print inspiration from ah-yi
i know we could never be so capable of something so delicate!
simple shapes here we come!
(don't the wooden letter press letters come out well?)

June 21, 2009


knitting class and my first beret progressing well
dinner at the commoner with aunty sian
wintry stroll
some relaxo, simple crocheting
watching gardening australia with a bacon, tomato and parmesan sandwich and a coffee

June 19, 2009

days like these

like this in the morning //

like this by noon //

so happy it's the weekend. jumping on six-black-dots' bandwagon of 4 things:

4 things i'm looking forward to:
:: knitting class tomorrow
:: playing piano on our newly aquired miniature (for the first time in 10 years!)
:: mum visiting
:: saturday morning coffee and neighbourhood stroll

4 things i did yesterday:
:: peruse vintage knit/crochet patterns mum sent me
:: have a catch up over some vino with the girls after work
:: daydream about living in the same state/country as all my mates
:: enjoyed the fog AND the sunshine

4 things i wish i could do:
:: knit better!
:: travel more, more, more
:: garden, cook and craft all day EVERY day!
:: dive into water quickly without agonising over how cold it is

4 tv shows i watch:
:: around the world in 80 gardens
:: grand designs
:: the wire
:: gardening australia

4 places i'd like to travel:
:: tokyo
:: turkey
:: belgium
:: croatia

4 places i've lived:
:: perth, australia
:: sydney, australia
:: vancouver, canada
:: melbourne, australia

take it away.........hello? anyone out there?

June 18, 2009


amazing crocheted rugs by Kiteweather

amazing because:
a) people just don't use colour like this ENOUGH!
b) she is wearing a crafting moo moo
c) this craft involves recycling
d) she appears to be in the middle of the bush

oh my - what loveliness...

June 13, 2009

first thing saturday morning

because of the really late and incredibly hot summer, gardeners in victoria have been reporting all sorts of strange thing happening!

this is mine! our emperor's hat chili tree is simply bursting with fruit! they were harvested and will shortly be thread onto string (some for us, some for next door neighbours and some for the boys)

my fave thing to do early on saturday morning when kee is still in bed is slip on the gumboots and go outside into the positively crisp winter air and poke around in my pots and garden beds! something about the quiet and the fresh air, the stillness and discovering anything new (bulbs planted on the day of laura's funeral are shooting through!!!)

now for a cup of tea, rage and some knitting of sorts.

i do love a saturday morning!

friday night

bloody freezing as of late so willow joined us for homemade pasties (caramelised onion, potato and fennel) and footy! typical melbourne winter evening.

recipe courtesy of this month's gourmet traveller (online and for free)

(GT also saw kee making this last weekend......oh yeah)

June 10, 2009


the tiny peek of blue sky between hail and black skies

some of many blue ceramics (3 new additions as of the weekend)

enjoying ruby grapefruit and sugar to try and keep these winter blues (and germs!) away

sweet 'n' scary

i wasn't allowed to buy him......

long weekend

last long weekend till november *eeeep*

lici down from canberra / heaps of eating / saw steve spacek at the croft institute / food galore and trash talking / winter walks /

why can't all weekends be like this?

(winter is definitely here)