June 19, 2009

days like these

like this in the morning //

like this by noon //

so happy it's the weekend. jumping on six-black-dots' bandwagon of 4 things:

4 things i'm looking forward to:
:: knitting class tomorrow
:: playing piano on our newly aquired miniature (for the first time in 10 years!)
:: mum visiting
:: saturday morning coffee and neighbourhood stroll

4 things i did yesterday:
:: peruse vintage knit/crochet patterns mum sent me
:: have a catch up over some vino with the girls after work
:: daydream about living in the same state/country as all my mates
:: enjoyed the fog AND the sunshine

4 things i wish i could do:
:: knit better!
:: travel more, more, more
:: garden, cook and craft all day EVERY day!
:: dive into water quickly without agonising over how cold it is

4 tv shows i watch:
:: around the world in 80 gardens
:: grand designs
:: the wire
:: gardening australia

4 places i'd like to travel:
:: tokyo
:: turkey
:: belgium
:: croatia

4 places i've lived:
:: perth, australia
:: sydney, australia
:: vancouver, canada
:: melbourne, australia

take it away.........hello? anyone out there?


Martina said...

You can play the piano!! Nice :) Have a lovely weekend!

Catherine said...

I think I'm going to have to do this tag too : )
How amazing was around the world in 80 gardens, I loved that, and your knitting is going so well! The weather was beautiful in melbourne the past few days, I was so impressed it really didn't feel like winter at all. Sadly I didn't go to see Dali, there was a huge line and I think it would have lost something with so many people cramped in. I always find it so odd too when you come out and then you're in the shop and you and buy your souvenirs!