June 13, 2009

first thing saturday morning

because of the really late and incredibly hot summer, gardeners in victoria have been reporting all sorts of strange thing happening!

this is mine! our emperor's hat chili tree is simply bursting with fruit! they were harvested and will shortly be thread onto string (some for us, some for next door neighbours and some for the boys)

my fave thing to do early on saturday morning when kee is still in bed is slip on the gumboots and go outside into the positively crisp winter air and poke around in my pots and garden beds! something about the quiet and the fresh air, the stillness and discovering anything new (bulbs planted on the day of laura's funeral are shooting through!!!)

now for a cup of tea, rage and some knitting of sorts.

i do love a saturday morning!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Wow all that beautiful chilli goodness, yum! Your garden sounds like a lovely place to be, particularly when it is so grey most of the time.