June 10, 2009


the tiny peek of blue sky between hail and black skies

some of many blue ceramics (3 new additions as of the weekend)

enjoying ruby grapefruit and sugar to try and keep these winter blues (and germs!) away


nina said...

haha i told stephen today that we should only ever buy blue and white ceramics from now on. followed by a cringe from us both that i should ever get enough space to store more ceramics. I love those ones on the top at the back.. i take it they are the new ones?

kee and fi said...

hahahahahah! we are truly hopeless. twins at birth, separated. both with tolerant husbands! yes - those ones at the back are the new ones. i only bought three, to (mis)match the other three little bowls (one of the ones in the very front). do the japanese call this mismatched style 'wabi sabi'???

nina said...

hmm, i have never undertood wabi sabi, i think its something to do with seeing beauty in the natural and weathered qualities of things. so i guess miss matched plates would be the beauty in the imperfection that comes with broken plates? what ever it is, I"m there, and i love it.

nina said...

wikipedia wabi sabi:

'aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience'

'Characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetic include asymmetry, asperity, simplicity, modesty, intimacy, and suggest a natural process.'

kee and fi said...

collection, non-presciousness regarding sameness, lovingly gathered and selected? i think so!