August 30, 2009

big weekend

surprise visit from lici who has been living in alice springs for the last 2 months...

epic op shop adventures :: trash talking :: way too much food (and champagne)

and realising that each time we share another hangover, it gets nastier and lasts even longer than the last time

p.s. nina i hope our toothache has eased up!

August 23, 2009

when i was little

when i was little i used to go around the garden and collect leaves and flowers and make little floral displays in shallow dishes or little cups and then leave them with on the front doorstep for my mum to find as a surprise. i even entered some into the country agricultural show and won!

i still do the same even though i'm grown up!


found these whilst cleaning today

dolls are made from pre-hiroshima japanese textiles (all hand sewn)

August 22, 2009


::photos came too easily today with so much sunshine around::

snow peas, jasmine and rocket going crazy in the garden

time to wash the sheets!

new music (to me)

jenny wilson and amos lee........on high rotation in this here house

that went fast!

my work is just around the corner from little cupcakes and my colleague surprised us on friday arvo with a bunch of these! yummo!

can't believe it's the weekend crazy but great and happy that i'm currently watching rage and drinking tea in my pj's.

(p.s. we have bought a second hand car! oh op shops in far and wide better watch out!!!)

August 21, 2009


love this recycled newspaper/wrapping dentsu

August 19, 2009


dreaming of a brand new sofa........filled with giant, squooshy, colourful cushions/afghans/shapes like these from sarah london

(catherine is having a similar, but white and colourful, dream at little glowing lights)

unexpected break

wow - 10 day break in transmission.....

enjoying what seems to be an early peek of spring!

August 08, 2009

today / tonight

great day today. lunch/coffee/theatre with the ladies...

now snuggled up with some new books:
:: the royal horticultural society - fruit & veg gardening in australia
:: organic gardening in australia
:: 200 crochet blocks by jan eaton

and listening to cd's that remind me of uni days....

hello friend

this little bear was found in the 50c box at my fave opshop when i was in highschool.

nina - i implore you - please go back and buy him for me!!!!

simultaneous craftin'

okay so my personal limit of projects on the go is 3....
but truth be known i've got four!
two of them are these: baby afghan & manscarf for lovelli
gettin' great pleasure out of knitting/crochet as of late....not as many frustrations

today: lunch in chinatown with girls then off to some theatre then home to hangout for the night

August 05, 2009

poncho love

lovin' these vintage poncho's from etsy have a look for yourself...

i'm leaning towards top left or bottom right. suggestions?

tonight i came home to a clean house, washing done, burmese curry from scratch and stewed quince, quince syrup and pot set yoghurt. bloody hell - where did i find this husband of mine?

August 04, 2009

phoenix live

saw phoenix last night @ the palace.......they exceeded my expectations by about a GAZILLION!

August 01, 2009


do you ever feel like you are getting ripped off at an op shop? then you get home and you realise that you have a bounty of treasures worth WAY more than you paid and you feel all uncharitable and mean......

today i baulked at the prices in my local opshop and just look at these gems!

brown sandles / gold japanese writing on soles
wire basket / mustard enamel container
knitting needles case (not pictured)
two little doilies for a craft project
and the most amazing home handicraft book

*contented sigh*

saturday morning

too tired for words...

lucky for me saturday morning is mine all mine (poor kee had to trundle off to work)

4 movies down, 3 more this weekend and then festival continues next week!

//some photos from last weekend & in and around my town

(picnik is you know anywhere better to make collages, i'd love to know!)