August 21, 2009


love this recycled newspaper/wrapping dentsu


Martina said...

Great - I saw this on All the Mountains the way..totally go for selling your crochet...those prices are expensive compared to others on Etsy but I think the quality of the work and the fact that it is real wool make it worth it...I may have to buy one first and the other later! Sandra Juto did a beautiful granny square blanket and sold it for 990 dollars and I see she has done another and it's up for the same price...that's way out of my budget tho! Have a great weekend :)

kee and fi said...

thanks for the encouragement martina - yeah, i think sandra juto can sell her blankets like that cause she has such a following! i would only be interested in selling things made of 100% wool (acrylic may have it's place somehwere but not on my sofa!) so i guess a realistic and affordable price could be decided much food for thought! you have a lovely wkd too xF