July 11, 2008

longing for a bit of nature

again, as a result of being couch-bound i'm feeling the need to get out there and do another hike. and soon. thinking of kinglake national park - not far from melbourne. looking through our travel photos it's crazy thinking how many amazing hikes we went on. feel very lucky and look forward to many more.

this photo is a beautiful photo kee took of me (beautiful because of the light - not of me!) when we were in Crooked Tree Village in Belize. Hot days/nights and mindblowing flora and fauna...makes me smile!

can't wait to go camping regularly throughout summer!

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aquaris5 said...


how's life? not much blogging happening at your end.

only 43 days to I come to a town near you (unless i get a job in the meantime).

PS - my herb garden is still looking very sad