July 30, 2008

then a busy week

preparing for friends coming, food shopping at markets (and breakfasting) and saying goodbye to our friend Caroline who is embarking on a road trip of western australia before returning home to paris. busy. fun. exhausting and satisfying days of work and play.


aquaris5 said...

hi guys - bout time for some posts and photos.

Fi you are so "gay". you match your vegetable trolley right down to the shoes which could easily be the wheels on the little hand cart. It is so winter. what has happened to all the colours and the mismatched clothed girl i used to know (come back)

ps - the photos are great and it seems like you had fun with friends.

NB - i am not pulling the trolley when i come to town and btw we have to go through the meat section and get a pigs head or something equally as appealing.

Kee can eat veg if he likes.

kee & fi said...

ohmygod jeff you are so funny. yes, much more understated these days. i've discovered the colour brown. but don't worry, i have a bright turquoise winter coat and bright pink plastic shoes which blow the minds of my melbourne colleagues who all prefer different shades of black!

yes, i here you are back our way in september. i'm gonna be pretty busy at work but defs can't wait to give you a tour of my best food spots! i'm compiling a list as we speak...

commiserations re: cadell