August 31, 2008


what a lovely day was saturday! kee decided to look up any op shops in our vicinity that we hadn't been to yet - so we set off in the morning (oh blessed 18 degrees!) and explored. Found great records (K's object of lust), beautiful vintage kniting patterns, some great furniture (which we were undecided upon) and some great wool. We had lunch at Mule and then trudged home exhausted. It was so lovely to just do what we felt without having any plans. We also stopped at this amazing lebanese bakery and ate the most amazingly fresh and beautiful herbed pita bread. oh yeah!

we spent the afternoon watching season 5 of the wire (oh yeah!) and kee made an amazingly beautiful vege lasagne and we drank it with a sparkling rose - delightful.

(can you see the sneak peek of my crochet blanket i've been working on!)

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nina said...

Yes! I did notice that the rug in the bakground was made from colours that could be chosen b other than FIONA!!! very cool - me likes.