August 31, 2008


thursday night some girls from work and i visited the nicholas building in the middle of the city - 9 floors of indie artists - jewellers, fashion designers, artists - who all have their studios there. It was open as part of Craft Victoria's "A Month of Making" and it was amazing! Met some great jewellers and grabbed a stack of cards in anticipation of being able to order some earrings. It was a great night, everyone walking down the stairs of this old building with wine in hand. I met a guy who is basically best friends with all of my best friends and happens to work on the 7th floor of my building! crazy!

friday i then attended Craft Victoria's "Design/Craft as a Career" seminar (which two girls from work also happened to be going to) and it was excellent! not only was it 19 degrees (sun shining and no need for wool jacket) but it was just a lovely, inspiring day. Some very amazing artists and craft practicioners out there! We spent out lunch break cruising Gertrude st and i scored these gorgeous little earrings from Little Salon.

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