November 13, 2009

last night

there once were two girls. one from adelaide. one from perth. a primitive chat program on the internet called mIRC meant a chance meeting of the two girls. in typical tragic teenage style they ditched the internet for long letters and mixed tapes. tori. pj harvey. hole. veruca salt. one girl's parents took a chance and flew her to stay with the other girls family. 10 years on and they had only been in each other's actual company 5 times. but the letters kept on and on and on. 12 years on and they both live in the same city. Last night as they both sat and let the amazing music of tori amos wash over them they realised that she had literally been the soundtrack to their friendship for all these years.....
here's to 12 more years (and more and more!) of friendship Sars. thankyou for a beautiful birthday present. i love you!
tori amos, live, at the regent theatre


Catherine said...

This is such a wonderful way of meeting a friend and it must be so great to live in the same place now, Tori Amos would have been amazing!

Martina said...

Such a lovely post Fi! Made me smile - how wonderful that you both live in the same city now! Love Tori too!