June 01, 2008

first day of winter

is it a universal thing? putting bread clasps in the teaspoon compartment of the cutlery drawer? maybe it's just a my family thing but i don't think so....

first day of winter spent doing more tidying and sorting (nearly all boxes gone!), walking again, coffee with Simon, i lost my camera (and then found it again at the cafe!), making hama bead brooches for mel and planting some rocket that i gleaned from a kurb-side vege garden (haha, i am my omama's grand-daughter!)

mum - thats the geranium you pinched off for me on one of our walks! flowering it's little heart out. i never remember to plant it and have been enjoying it on the kitchen window in a new little glass jug i bought in a canberra opshop.

p.s. the wooden bench i photographed is our newest furniture addition! we scavenged this beautiful piece of wood and Willow surprised us by knocking it up on friday before he flew to canberra for the weekend. exactly what we wanted! thankyou!


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