March 20, 2008

life in melbs

overcast skies, footy on the idiot box and phoning family....typical. normal. and lovely!

first week of work has gone well. hilarious to work with a bunch of other people who love colour-coding excel spreadsheets, making lists and organising the shit out of EVERYTHING! i am officially handed-over the position on Tuesday so I'm looking forward to it.

amidst all of this, kee has been an amazing wife, errr, husband - cleaning, cooking, buying easter eggs and making sure i don't have a fashion crisis at 7:30am, instead efficiently ushering me onto a tram to work...

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aquaris5 said...

hey - dont knock the stay at home man. besides we often cook clean and do all the other things better than the modern woman anyway.

hope you both had a great easter. ours was very quiet. kids away so the parents played (and watched the footy) and drank too much red wine.

the easter bunny stayed away (at least we didnt buy anything for each other) but one did come to the door (footprints and a little choc bundle) - bastard woke me up.