December 09, 2008

doona day

had a doona day today...we get two a year at work and i woke up feeling like today was one of those days! it drizzled all day and was quite fresh despite the 26 and fine forecast.

i rode my bike and dropped off some stuff at the op shop up the road (thanks to I Op Therefore I Am for letting me know the opening hours!) I came upon a whole box of Golden Hands craft books and various crochet pattern books. i sat on this chair in the opshop for about an hour flicking through with giddiness. all for 10c each! and then i bought two of the most beautiful, large cacti that are about to burst into flower and are as big as my head for $2!!!

it surely is the simple things....

(i will have to consult my secondhand copy of 'what flower is that' by stirling macaboy to determine what cacti they are exactly)

also (sorry, am a bit of a chatterbox tonight) we ate our first bowl of christmas cherries. yum.


aquaris5 said...

doona day sounds great. you are such a tragic. i can just see you sitting in a little village (probably in europe somewhere)with your shawl doing crochet, with a pot roast on (have to have 2 - one meat and one veg).

nice baby mobiles!!


aquaris5 said...

hey you - you still asleep? time for a blog for family and friends. hope you and kee (and everyone else close to you) have a great xmas and new year.

lots of love - jeff and sue (and the kids)