May 31, 2008

saturday strolling

Sun enough to open up the apartment and flood it with fresh, warm air whilst obligatory saturday morning chores are completed.

Stroll through the neighbourhood to shop at a greengrocer on sydney rd we haven't been to before. Chatted to an old Nonna about her garden - her radishes were cranking. Very satisfying - two oil cloth bags filled with beautiful fresh fruit and veg. Big bunch of mint (in anticipation of making an egglant, mint and bulghur warm salad for dinner tonight). Also bought a kilo of granny smith apples in anticipation of baking an old fashioned apple pie at some stage of the weekend.

Walked home through some streets we haven't discovered yet and found some houses we dreamed of owning and a great old brick factory that they are about to demolish and replace with hideous 'contemporary' units. gross.

Currently under N&S's bedspread wedding present, watching the eagles struggle against collingwood. Sweet sunshine dissipating quickly....

1 comment:

nina said...

yellow sun and blue skies- winter delight!

my sky is grey, warm and begging to storm.


ps, hey I"m rhyming!