May 26, 2008

home sweet home

had a splendid weekend basking in sun, opshopping and eating yum food with Lici in Canberra. I will post photos once I've had a chance to edit them.

feels good to be home. to call melbourne home. bed. pantry. lamp. fave tea cup. silly, i know. but feels great. missed K more than anticipated.

after a hellish Monday (in a good way) i decided to cook something hearty from a book i found at the library. Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries. I highly recommend it. Courgette & Lancashire Cheese Crumble (or for the Grantham St version, zucchini & tasty cheese crumble)this dish also signifies the first use of our le crueset pot (wedding gift from dad & bron).

a large onion
butter - a thick slice (about 40g)
rosemary sprigs
4 small potatoes
2 large zucchinis
vege stock - 150 ml
lancashire/tasty cheese - 45g

for the crumble:
fresh white bread - 100g
walnut pieces - 80gm
lancashire/tasty cheese - 60g

peel onion, chop roughly and leave to cook sloly in butter in a heavy casserole over a moderate heat. pull rosemary needles from stems (about a tablespoon of them), chop finely and stir into onions. don't peel potatoes but dice largely and add to the onions once they are pale gold and glossy. stir them in. cover with a lid and leave to colour for ten minutes, stirring after 8 or so.

chop zucchinis into similar size pieces as potato and add them to the pan along with a seasoning of salt and pepper. cover once more an dleave to cook for a few minutes. pour in the stock, let it bubble and steam for a bit. set oven to 180 degrees.

make crumble by reducing bread to crumbs in a food processor, adding walnuts then a little rosemary. add 60 gm in cheese in smlal pieces. you should end up with a savoury crumble flecked with bits of chopped rosemary.

once potato and zucchini are as desired (tender), remove lid, turn off the heat and crumble the 45g cheese over the top. then tip the crumble on top of that and transfer to the oven.

bake for 35-45 minutes in the oven.

so delicious....

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