May 22, 2008

our psuedo friday (aka thursday)

after a pathetic score - iron wise - after a blood test i pledged to eat more meat! it has not been that hard at all to ramp up the meat intake. instead of not eating meat for ages, then gorging on it and feeling gross, i am trying the subtle approach! I actually forgot what different meats tasted like.... lamb - wow. pork - even better. very german meal of sauteed cabbage, garlic & leek with pork in a light coating of crushed fennel seeds, peppercorns, sea salt and flour. washed it all down with a beer! yum!

i leave for canberra early tomorrow morning for a girly weekend with Lici. so looking forward to it. had a great week at work. shit i love my job! feels so weird and good to be able to say that. in saying that, i'm exhausted from my week and K, W, & L are off to a gig and I have opted for a quiet night of packing unwashed (sadly) clothes and snuggling under the doona and maybe even getting in a bit of knitting.

K has DJ Krush show on saturday night and something tells me he'll be having just a good weekend as me.

p.s. how did it get to the end of may so quickly? feels like it's been for ages since we've had a normal life. it's excellent.

p.p.s. oh yeah! last night K & I indulged in a lovely dinner at a teeny tiny japanese restaurant, hidden down a lane in the city. had the most insane pork gyoza EVER and k had some amazingly fresh yellowfin sashimi.

p.p.p.s. we love this city!

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nina said...

gyoza and other dumplings rock my world. i was gonna buy some today in chinatown but they were 4 pound for 6! gotta get some money. MUST EAT GYOZA!